the 30-something friend you should never have slept with introduces you to his mentor, and the power imbalance between the two of you is finally crystal clear

“isn’t he just great?”
“he’s something. how old is he?”
“does he have any children?”
“oh, no, not yet”.

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shaken up

smudged tears, bruised lipstick, blackened ego

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ah, bartleby! ah, incomprehensible urge to do whatever i feel i shouldn’t!

i would prefer not to, but i do it anyway.
i dislike it thoroughly
and repeat it the next day.

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and yet, things are not ending yet
not yet, and yet

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valentine’s day picture you’re only allowed to post if you’re still attractive



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you shouldn’t be allowed to pick your teenage idols until you’re 45
(if you want a second opinion on this, e-mail alanis morissette at

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somehow i feel this has some kind of philosophical meaning


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