guidelines for confused, sexually-active adults who want to navigate life successfully #1

new partner, clean sheets

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when dorothy parker meets the depeche mode

you can scratch a lover

but that won’t stop your itching

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we are surrounded by idiots, assholes and weirdos

and the categories overlap

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an idea for a new cocktail

when you sing all by myself in your pijamas, please add some liquid xanax to your red wine: bridget jones with a twist.

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expectations: “my behaviour was unforgivable. i understand it if you don’t ever want to talk to me again, but i hope you are at least prepared to hear me out when i tell you how sorry i am”.


reality: he felt free not to reply.

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you say it best when you say nothing at all

so very true for so many people

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i write this sitting in the kitchen sink

unfortunately, though, no great novel follows.

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