someway, somehow, i feel this has deep philosophical meaning


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to f. II

sometimes he lies awake at night, and he asks “where have i gone wrong?”. then a voice says to him “this is going to take more than one night.” so he likes the voice on facebook and peace is restored. some tentative hope remains that one day he’ll like the One Thousand and One Nights page as well.
there are people who’ll be entitled to some minor disappointment. i would like to remind them that the golden & silver days are still not over, no matter what (although better inside jokes are most definitely welcomed).

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dreams can come true: look at me baby i’m with you. you know you gotta have hope, you know you’ve got to be strong.

you can lead what-if-ing to even-though-ing, but you can’t make it think.

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the manager of a gambling den, a right-wing politician who writes soft-porn fiction on the side, and a spanish teacher recovering from morphine addiction walk into a bar.

for some women ex-boyfriend reunions are erotic dreams. for others they’re jokes.

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the anxiety of influence

if i start writing now, will my novel be published before the adjective dunhamian (dunhamy? dunhamesque?) is coined?

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no midbrow way around epistemological pessimism

what is essential may be invisible to the eye, but i’m pretty sure my heart is at least myopic as well.

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sometimes i wish i had to pay to google stuff


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