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first times with second choices

the sacrifice doesn’t always result in marrying mr. darcy. Advertisements

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lazy phds watch bad movies

the holiday: cameron diaz sees her life as a bunch of trailers for a movie never made. graduate students see their lives as a bunch of abstracts for articles never written, and they most definitely won’t meet jude law in … Continue reading

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the asserted moral superiority of light sleepers

never indulging in total unconsciousness makes you feel less guilty, since you can finally feel guilty all the time.

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ethics of writing II

daytime tv shows suggest never to underestimate the power of alliteration.

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an I for an I

makes critics happy and readers go blind

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lord, grant me gender-neutral opinions, but not yet

the factory defect of speech capability often curbs men’s enthusiasm for their human blow-up dolls.

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god does send signs

both wrong names and wrong panties should be taken into careful consideration before compromising one’s virtue.

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