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summer lovin’, kafka dreamin’

i find a 4-pack yogurt in the fridge in my mother’s home. even though the 4-pack looks like a 4-pack, however, it’s actually a pigeon — a pigeon i’m responsible for, but i’d forgotten about that. i’m feeling upset because … Continue reading

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shaken up

smudged tears, bruised lipstick, blackened ego

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choreographic ontologies (or: the birth of herpes)

rose is a rose is a rose is a sore

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let’s play pretend chiasmuses

self-respect, pride; affectation, decorum. lost virtues, acquired tastes; potayto, potahto.

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the coherence of new materialism

it’s only obvious that men who are in two minds will soon experience the need of being in two bodies.

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ennui go again

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it’s my party

i can die if i want to

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