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valentine’s day picture you’re only allowed to post if you’re still attractive


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dreams can come true: look at me baby i’m with you. you know you gotta have hope, you know you’ve got to be strong.

you can lead what-if-ing to even-though-ing, but you can’t make it think.

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the anxiety of influence

if i start writing now, can i have a novel published before the adjective ‘dunhamian’ is coined?

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no midbrow way around epistemological pessimism

what is essential may be invisible to the eye, but i’m pretty sure my heart is at least myopic as well.

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new passive-aggressive perspectives on self-esteem

maybe it’s not that mine’s too low. maybe everyone else’s is way too high.

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choreographic ontologies (or: the birth of herpes)

rose is a rose is a rose is a sore

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we are surrounded by idiots, assholes and weirdos

and the categories overlap

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